Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I love to do pigs in storytime. Lately I've seen several cute ideas on how to create pigs for a flannelboard. I found a really cute notepad a few years ago and laminated some of them for my flannelboard rhyme (which I wrote & dedicated to my fellow storyteller, Sue--not sure she thought it such an honor though).

I like to use this when I read BED HOGS by Kelly DiPucchio and Howard Fine.


One pink pig whose name was Sue,

Made a friend and then there were __.

Two pink pigs heard "fiddle-I-fee",

Up trotted another and then they were ____.

Three pink pigs stood near the barn door,

They heard a squeal and then they were ____.

Four pink pigs waiting for supper to arrive,

When up ran another and then they were five.

Five pink pigs rolling on the floor;

One rolled away and then there were ____.

Four pink pigs crying, "whee-whee-whee";

One trotted off and then there were _____.

Three pink pigs heard, "Sooie, Sooie, Sue!"

Sue ran home and then there were ___.

Two pink pigs out enjoying the sun;

They bounded off together and then there were none.