Friday, July 11, 2014

Melting Popsicles

I love Flannel Fridays and all the wonderful ideas that I have found there.  I find many things I can use as is and others that I can easily adapt to fit my needs.

This spring we did a fun storytime on sticks.  One of the flannel boards I used at that time is also great for summer--Three Melting Popsicles which I found on Story Time Secrets (it was a Flannel Friday post).  She just did three popsicles but you can see that I expanded that number. I read that along with early literacy, early math skills have been found to impact how well young children do in school.  I'll sometimes take away multiples and then ask how many are left.  I also sometimes change colors out for flavors.


Eight melting popsicles
Sticky and sweet
Mark and Jan ate green ones
What a yummy treat!
(Rub stomach and say "Yum! Yum!)

(Repeat removing 1-3 each time until...)

No more popsicles
Sticky and sweet.
I guess I'll have to find
Something else to eat.

I use this with the picture book, WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH A PALETA by Carmen Taffola.

Katie at Story Time Secrets is the host for this week's Flannel Friday.  Please visit her page to see what others have shared this week.