Friday, April 29, 2016

Arbor Day

Being a Nebraskan, I'm very proud that Arbor Day originated in Nebraska City.  Since today is Arbor Day, I wanted to share this flannel board I created using wooden shapes from the craft store and paper tree d├ęcor sheets from the dollar store.  I found the trees and brainstormed until I figured out how I could use them.

Red bird, red bird,
What do you see
Hidden high up
In the tree?
Red bird, red bird,
Look with me
There a __________
In the tree.
We talked about how footballs, soccer balls (or a helicopter) could end up in a tree.  I thought it might be fun to find things that DON'T belong there as well.  I may also do a set with pictures behind the trees of nests, birds, and fruit.  On group of kids kept guessing apples each time.
Kate at Feltboard Magic is our hostess today so visit her page for more sharing.

Friday, January 29, 2016


I haven't posted for quite awhile, so I thought I'd share several robot flannel boards today.  These were all items I picked up at various stores but I don't think I paid more than $3 for any one set.

These are wooden lacing robots I got from Target's $1-$3 bins (these were $3)

Hank has eight robots in his shop this week.
This one's microchips are fried and that one sprung a leak.
Hank will give these two a look-see
And he'll know just what to do.
And when these robots leave Hank's shop
They'll be as good as new!
(repeat with 6, 4, 2)
Hank has no more robots in his shop this week.
He's fixed all their microchips and plugged up all their leaks.
This is my adaptation of the rhyme Cate at STORYTIMING wrote.

Two different sets:  the top ones were bulletin board cutouts from Wal-Mart & the bottom three are from Dollar Tree & a set of 15 (5 of each design).  Here's the rhyme I use with 9 of the bottom ones.

One friendly, two friendly, three friendly robots,
Four friendly, five friendly, six friendly robots,
Seven friendly, eight friendly, nine friendly robots,
Standing in three rows.
Nine friendly, eight friendly, seven friendly robots,
Six friendly, five friendly, four friendly robots,
Three friendly, two friendly, one friendly robot
Waving bye, bye, bye.

I love these because they're big (9") & I got them from Dollar Tree.  I used these with this song (to B-I-N-G-O).  I cut the 8" letters out with our Ellison dies.  I'm still working on some other rhymes for these.

I took a lot of metal parts
and built a funny robot.
I built a funny robot.
(Continue with by replacing one letter at a time with a robot & a clap)
Shawn at Read, Rhyme & Sing is hosting Flannel Friday this week so check out his blog to get lots of good ideas.  Flannel Friday is a wonderful way to share and gain inspiration for programming.  I love to visit, learn, and borrow ideas from lots of different folks.