Friday, April 13, 2012


     A few months ago, I did a preschool storytime on SNEEZES.  I was looking for all kinds of things that make us sneeze--allergies, colds, pollen, etc.  We had the pansy die from Ellison and I came up with this rhyme to use with the die cuts.  I cut them out of felt, and made separate stems and flowers and only glued the blue blossom to a stem.


Out in the garden the flowers grew
Each with a different color and hue.
I picked the red one just for you,
Then took a sniff and went "Ah-choo!"
Away the head of the flower flew.

(This continues substituting the colors purple, yellow, orange, pink for red until only blue is left)

Out in the garden where the flowers grew,
All that was left was a flower that was blue.
I picked that flower just for you
But I didn't sniff and go "Ah-choo!"
Now I can give you the flower that is blue.

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Storytime Fun said...

Cute idea! We don't have that particular diecut but we have a couple of other flower diecuts that might work. Thanks!