Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sandwiches plus

What to do with those Thanksgiving leftover?  Make a sandwich. 

Originally (many years ago), I cut sandwich pieces out of felt but I was never really happy with them.  Luckily for me, (also many years ago) Nebraska Educational Television was a co-producer of Reading Rainbow and they gave my library system a stackable, wooden sandwich.  This is sturdy enough that I can hand out pieces to the kids and have them help assemble the sandwich.  I will generally hold onto the olive & put it in place to avoid any choking hazard.

Miss Tara used the felt sandwich from Melissa & Doug which is also an excellent choice, but recently I found some $1 (yep, just a buck) alternatives.  They were both packaged as coasters.
Dollar Tree



These are both cardboard, but the Target hamburger set is heavier & glossier.  I think I'm going to put a small piece of the loop velcro on the front of each piece & then the hook on the back so we can build the sandwich on the board.  The rhyme I have used in the past is very adaptable and is done as a song to give the kids a chance to get up and get their piece in place.

(tune:  The More We Get Together)
Let's all make a sandwich,
A sandwich, a sandwich,
Let's all make a sandwich
For our lunch.
First we need some bread
Some bread, some bread,
First we need some bread
For our sandwich.
Add a slice of swiss cheese,
Swiss cheese, swiss cheese,
Add a slice of swiss cheese'
To our sandwich.
Next we'll add some ham....
Now let's have some more cheese...
Next a slice of tomato...
Now we need some lettuce...
Then a slice of bread,
Bread, bread,
Then a slice of bread
To top our sandwich.
Finish with an olive,
An olive, an olive,
Finish with an olive
Now it's done!
Let's all eat our sandwich,
Our sandwich, our sandwich,
Let's all eat our sandwich
For our lunch.
You can shorten or lengthen for your group and what pieces you have.  I will also change "lunch" to  "picnic" for use during the summer.
And now for my plus:  Target also had coasters that were donuts (also for $1)!  There's several counting rhymes out there for baked goods so I'm just going to show them to you.


This week's Flannel Friday can be found at Loons and Quine  Check it out for lots of great ideas.  If you haven't participated and would like to, you can find out more at the Flannel Friday site.  Happy storytime!

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Miss Courtney said...

Fabulous, I never thought to look at coasters!