Friday, December 7, 2012

Buffalo's Tail

Several weeks ago, I did a buffalo theme and finally used this flannel board by Teresa Chiv which is from the 2008 Texas Summer Reading Manual.  It also includes patterns and begins:
A buffalo’s tail is hard to find.
His tail is little, but not so his behind.
I have five tails; one might be his.
Will you help me decide which it is?
You start with the buffalo and then put up the tail mentioned (notice the pig tail on him in the first picture) then the correct animal comes on and gets his tail.  Check out the website for the complete story.    I printed the patterns onto color card stock then cut out and laminated.  (For the skunk I made a copy on regular white paper and trimmed out what was white and glued to the black).  It was a quick and easy flannel board that the kids loved.  If you're into the correct "verbiage", you can explain like I did, that although we call them "buffalo" they're really "bison".  This was important to me because COWGIRL ROSIE AND HER FIVE BABY BISON by Stephen Gulbis was one of our stories.
Cate at Storytiming is our Flannel Friday hostess this week so check out her site for inspiration (I always find something I can use).  For more information about Flannel Friday, visit the homepage where you'll find information on what's coming up, how to post, and the archives.  Happy Storytelling!

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