Friday, June 7, 2013

Flag Day/Fourth of July

Last year I was inspired by Mel's post in 2011 on her Red, White, and Blue storytime.  I made a flannel board based on hers and then added two more of my own. 

I found small American flags 3 for $1 at Target last year & wanted to use them somehow.  (I've seen them there again this year if you want to try this).  Sue, who does our Toddler Time, likes the rhyme but her toddlers get  distracted with two many props so she's going to use some flag room decorations for a flannel board..  I found those at Dollar Tree last year.

I hung my flag high outside in the sun,
It waved in the breeze as I counted one.
While my flag so proudly flew in a sky of blue,
Ann raised another & then there were two.
Two flags flying over the land of the free,
When Joe raised another & then there were three.
Three proud flags in the breeze did soar,
Tami raised another & then there were four.
Four flags fluttering as my friends arrive,
Bob raised another & then there were five.
Five flags whipping about as the wind blew,
And now we salute the red, white, and blue.
(the underlined names can be changed to children you choose to come up front & raise the flags with you or have place a flag cut out on the flannel board)
I always think of picnics when I think of the Fourth and what goes better with a picnic than ice cream?  I used patterns from one of the Carson-Dellosa pattern books to make my ice cream cones.I made more than one set so I could have several children building cones on the board at one time.
We need a special treat for Independence Day.
Would something cool and sweet be okay?
Let's start with a munchy, crunchy cone,
Though it's not very special when it's all alone.
Red raspberry ice cream will add some zest,
Because it's so refreshing, some like it the best.
Vanilla white is what I would pick,
But we have to wait to take a lick.
Top it off with bright blueberry
For a treat that's colorful and merry.
So here it is--red, white, and blue;
A holiday treat for me and you.
The books I used were PIPPA AT THE PARADE by Karen Roosa, MY AMERICA by Jan Spivey Gilchrist & Ashley Bryan, HATS OFF FOR THE FOURTH OF JULY by Harriet Ziefert, and I also had available some of the patriotic song picture books that Ann Owen illustrated that include YOU'RE A GRAND OLD FLAG, YANKEE DOODLE, & WHEN JOHNNY COMES MARCHING HOME.  There's a new title out that I want to use this year, RED, WHITE, AND BOOM! by Lee Wardlaw. 
Lisa at Story Time With the Library Lady is our hostess this week for Flannel Friday.

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