Friday, January 9, 2015

Snowmen, Snowmen

I've been doing several winter themes and last week I focused on snowmen.  This first one is one that we make ages ago (& despite the photo it is still very white).

We used a rhyme from RHYMES FOR FINGERS & FLANNELBOARDS by Louise Binder Scott.  We added the last four lines since the children were upset that the original rhyme didn't have arms.

Roll a snowball large,
Then one of middle size;
Roll a snowball small;
Use lumps of coal for eyes.
Place a carrot for a nose,
An old hat on his head,
And for his necktie, tie around
His neck a ribbon red.
A corncob pipe goes in his mouth,
Some buttons on his vest;
And there he stands so round and fat;
Of snowmen, he's the best.
But's something's missing...Can you guess what?
Let's give our friend a hand;
Some sticks from a tree will work just great
As arms for our snowman.
This guy is new (& also white)  I found the following rhyme in an old book that was donated to us & loved the fact that it used pebbles for eyes and raisins for the mouth.  I've since seen some very similar rhymes on the web. 
First the body
And then the head.
A stovepipe hat
And a scarf of red.
Pebbles for eyes,
And a carroty nose,
And a mouth made of raisins
In two smiling row.
Just by adding a heart, you can use any snowman for Valentine's Day:
I made a snowman yesterday
So jolly, fat and fine.
I pinned a red heart on his chest
And called him Valentine.
Lisa at Libraryland is hosting Flannel Friday this week, so visit her site for lots of good ideas.

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Jane said...

Love the snowman with the heart. He's precious.